Sermon Interrupters Wanted

Posted by Jay Sauser

Sunday, I made a statement about how Adam and I have been getting into the routine of having you guys talk during the teaching. One of the reasons we do this is because you guys bring up and shed light on some amazing insights.  You honestly do!

When you look at Jesus’ style of teaching, it’s hard to narrow down to one genre. There are times when it seems like He lectures; other times He tells parables to get His point across; and in other instances He uses a question and answer style. When you can get others involved in the process of teaching through discussion and dialogue, a lot of positive outcomes become obvious.

More than one point of view is shared. We see how the Spirit is speaking to each of us individually, and we see how the Spirit is speaking to us communally.  People are more engaged and seem to listen/process more. All around, interactive teaching is a good thing.

Again, I mentioned this while I was speaking Sunday; I mentioned how much we enjoy the input we receive from you guys when we ask your opinion. Not two minutes later, Courtney said something I hadn’t thought of at all during my preparation to teach. It was a really solid point, too! Honestly, it caught me off guard. I felt pretty bad because it was a subject I thought would have been really good to discuss. However, we didn’t have the time at that point in the sermon to dive into it. But it was such a good point, who knows, it might show up as a blog post in the near future.

In the weeks to come, as you show up to our family gatherings on Sunday mornings, come expecting to think, engage and dialogue with us. Even if we don’t offer the opportunity to say something, raise your hand and interrupt if you feel you have something to say.  And I mean that when I say it. We want you to come and join in the dialogue. We’ve said before that we aren’t the professionals up there and that you are a part of this as much as we are. Your dialogue and input is proof of that. And the proof has been very good!

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