One-Liners from Mindy Caliguire

Posted by Jennifer Tufts

Thanks to KC Sentral and the House Studio, Mindy Caliguire of Soul Care challenged us to rethink spiritual formation in a one day event at the Parish Center today. Our own Courtney Christensen was faithfully tweeting some of the best one-liners from today’s event. Below is a compilation from those tweets and some of my notes. Hopefully the video from the day will be available soon and you can watch the sessions from 9am-3pm in their entirety. Until then, whet your appetite with these (which are pretty close, but  may  not be perfectly exact quotations):

Symptoms of a neglected soul: anxiety, defensiveness, addiction, insecurity, apathy, fear, anger, controlling, loneliness

Symptoms of a healthy soul: contentment, connection, trust, enthusiasm, vulnerability, certainty, sense of wonder, hope, freedom …

Your soul’s wellbeing drives everything else in your life.

Your soul and your life are deeply intertwined – two sides of the same coin.

Plastic joy is so annoying.

God is wildly for you. He though you up.

God’s core business is restoring life to the human soul.

If we have a reduced understanding of the essence of the Gospel, our value of soul care will also be diminished.

Care of the soul is the business of becoming profusely rooted in the Gospel of the Kingdom.

The healthy soul is derivative and can’t be manufactured.

We don’t work for our salvation. We work it out – press it through into all the dimensions in our lives.

We care for our soul in community.

The real business of life takes place in the soul.

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